Love confession

          He is an extraordinary person.
          Unexpectedly lyrical, suddenly being hurt, sometimes - hard, always business-like, necessarily benevolent. And, of course, smart. He can focus on the main things in time, go deep into the main point of the events in an unusual way, see and represent any event in the way familiar only to him.
Naum Y. Krasner [1979]           Moreover he's a very risky person in fact. And, of course, one of his peculiarities as a real man is faithfulness. To his beloved woman, beloved children, favorite job.
          The fact that Naum Yakovlevich Krasner's seventieth jubilee was in February is absolutely normal. It was also 50th anniversary since he started his teaching and researching. That day his friends, companions, a lot of different and dearest people visited him. And the University was warmed up by kind words, good wishes. And it was so bright there course of smiles and the speculations of a jubileer and others who were with him that day and ever.
          This aura of kindness, decency, his thoughts and deed's bravery is Krasner's aura.
          Naum Yakovlevich is a happy man. He met and fell in love with the only woman on Earth. Mutually. He got over the war, survived and learnt the Victory triumph. He got to know as all the front people did how short and wonderful this miracle to live. Probably that's why he values and saves every moment of his life.
          ... Suddenly the colonel Krasner changes his usual more or less quiet rhythm of life. He leaves the army to become the Chef of the Chair of Mathematical Methods of Operational Research. And within 10 years this Chair undoubtedly rose the rating of our University and the mathematical school of VSU determined the establishment of many scientific-mathematicians of Russia and even more.
Naum Y. Krasner           Naum Yakovlevich can often be seen in the regional administration. One of his projects now is privatization. It's a complicated job. It's necessary here more than anywhere else to have an unordinary scientific approach. And there should be companies-bankrupts in the coming work which is complicated both morally and technically.
          And again there are missions to Moscow, to the regional districts, meetings with people and the constant search.
          Anxiety is the character feature of the Associate Professor of VSU, Ph.D.(Technics). Anxiety about the work, his students, our alma-mator (University), those who need his help, his approval, his smart, wily eyes and his ability to be always near in a difficult situation.
          He was born in the end of February when the last winter blizzards stopped. And spring is so close. Probably that's why he has both a courageous and unusually spring character. Take these words, my dear Naum Yakovlevich, as a late congratulation on your wonderful birthday, as my love confession! Be happy, healthy, be always affectionate and amorous as you always were!

Sincerely yours, Alla Belikova
(the editorship of the paper "Voronezh University")

The paper "Voronezh University"
under the heading "Your people, University!"
March of 1994

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