A graduate of forty first

          To the front [1942] A man with "particularly civilian appearance" - have You ever heard such an expression? Of course, you have. And probably you imagined a soft look, wily smile, and, may be, a "particularly civilian" fluffy beard.
          Naum Yakovlevich Krasner, just described by us, looks exactly so...
          On 21-st of February, on the eve of the Soviet Army and Navy Day Naum Yakovlevich was sixty.
          Graduates, who were born in twenty forth, stepped in the twenty second of July of 1941-st from the school prom, and the first day of maturity was the most important exam for them which was the war. Naum Krasner, the former secretary of the school komsomol organization and the member of the Komsomol Committee of the town Vinnica was just seventeen. After a few days he was eighteen he filled the application to join the Soviet Army and in March of 1942 he already became a student of Kuibyshev military-infantry specialized Captain Krasner [1944] school. And in half a year the young lieutenant got near Stalingrad and received the baptism of fire there. The young platoon commander altogether with his soldiers went through all the trials to the Victory in the unparalleled Stalingrad battle. In the military operations of Donskoy, Stalingradskii, the third Ukranian fronts Naum Yakovlevich went the path from the platoon commander to the chief of division operational staff's assistant.
          He joined the Communist party in August of 1943, being at the front.
          In 1956, thirty two year old Naum Yakovlevich, awarded with orders of Red Star and Patriotic war of second degree, and with medals "For Stalingrad defeat", "For the victory above Germany", "For fighting services" and others, got the colonel rank and in 1957 the young military man came to serve at the Military Chair of VSU. And there, having graduated from the evening unit of mathematical-mechanical faculty in 1961, Krasner skipped to work at this faculty.
With father on the Victory Day [1945]           ... Warriors of the Motherland were returning to the dreams of the last days of their peaceful youth: to field and in school, at plant and in auditoriums of institutes.
          In 1968 Naum Yakovlevich maintained the candidate thesis, and from 1969, during ten years he was the Methods of Operational Research Chair Chef.
          Now Naum Yakovlevich is the vice-dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics on scientific work. What is it to be a vice-dean? Institute workers know very well organizational, pedagogical and it is hard to say what else problems, that might unexpectedly fell down on his shoulders.
          But Naum Yakovlevich found the time for managing 7 candidate theses, scientific work and scientific-research laboratory of operational research. There were 65 scientific works written by him, the manual on linear programming. Under his supervising there was put the collective monography on mathematical methods of institute management application in the publication. These are the facts for characteristics.
          These are the facts for characteristics.
          And warm congratulations to Naum Yakovlevich are brought by his friends and colleagues, who were preparing for it during the whole month before the anniversary, calling on the editorship all the time exciting and asking: "Don't you forget?". We, editorship workers, also felt the well-deserved respect, that belongs to Naum Yakovlevich Krasner in his command.

N. Filippova.

The paper "Voronezh University"
22nd-23d of February of 1984

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