In memory of a good man

          Last Sunday the University said goodbye to Naum Yakovlevich Krasner.
          In November I interviewed Naum Yakovlevich for the paper. He smoked a lot and coughed a lot too.
          - Why do you smoke? - I asked.
          - Physicians permitted me to smoke already, - said Naum Yakovlevich sadly.
          - What does it mean "already "? - I didn't understand.
Naum Y. continued to work in the hospital [January 1999]           - The thing is that I have got a lung cancer, - Naum Yakovlevich said calmly, having put out another cigarette.
          This dialogue wasn't put in the published text.
          - What will I boast of the illness for? - Naum Yakovlevich said then, - Besides, physicians are possibly mistaken.
Unfortunately, physicians weren't mistaken. And Krasner himself didn't doubt in the correctness of their diagnosis. But to flirt by mortal decease?..
          I have known Naum Yakovlevich for more then forty years. He was neither fussy and nor loud. But when he began to speak in his slightly hoarse voice, the people surrounding him ceased and listened attentively to the words of this man with the ironically-wily wise eyes.
          Economists, mathematicians, politicians listened to Krasner's words. Not for nothing Naum Yakovlevich was invited to be the consultant to the head of the regional administration Alexandre Kovalev. And Naum Yakovlevich was the consultant and adviser not only for Alexandre Kovalev but for all of us.
          Shatalin conferences in Voronezh. The work in the Institute of economy. Lectures at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of the University. Development of mathematical models of production organisation.
          Inconspicuous Krasner found time for much.
          The colonel in thirty-three.
          The student of correspondence course in thirty-five.
          The Chair Chef in forty.
          The kind heart. The wise smile. The good man.

We express our sincere thanks to the all, who shared with us
the pain of the loss of our dear Naum Yakovlevich Krasner.
Relatives and friends.

The paper "Voronezh Courier"
11-th of March of 1999, 26 (1319)

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