"A Recipe of good tea is very simple: don't regret tea". The table talk was going on, there was plenty of tea, and guests, exhausted with thirst, were listening attentively to Naum Yakovlevich, who was praising the tea, the hostess and was relishly telling the Voronezh news. I thought that if one didn't On the 20-th Shatalin school-seminar [Voronezh, 1998] take the recipe word by word it was not so easy to follow it. Naum Yakovlevich managed to: he regretted neither kind words nor attention nor strength to help nor energy for a good deed. As if by chance he created a special comfort infrastructure of human relations around him. And he always was surrounded by beloved friends and facilitators.
          The light way of walking. Soft smile. Shinny eyes. I remember him in such way.

Victor Meerovich Polterovich
Dr. of economic science
Corresponding Member of RAofS
The laboratory of mathematical
economy of CEMI of RAofS Chef

1st of June of 1999

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