In memory of The Man and The Friend.

          It is very hard - to write about Naum Yakovblevich - the feeling of the loss had not stopped aching, and this pain would hardly ever cease.
          If not all the mankind then anyway it's part "was deprived of one of its heads".
          We were connected with him by acquaintance, the collaborated researches and friendship for almost forty years, and though we lived and worked in different towns and often met at the schools and seminars, Rostov on Don [1981] I always knew, that there was the man in Voronezh, with who I could discuss the emerging scientific questions, and just talk "about life".
          On the 21-st of February, on his seventy fifth anniversary, already in bed, summing up the life's results and complaining of the fact that he "had not fulfilled his obligation, the program-minimum - to live until the XXI-st century", he said:
          - It is a pity that we lived in different towns, we could have done much more!
          Our acquaintance emerged in 1961, on the base of the joint interest to the mathematic-economic models (I was more interested in problems of agriculture-mashines-cretaing then), and it continued and grew on Dragobich schools, turned into the friendship and mutual visits, and later we were connected by the organization of Shatalin schools and participating in them.
          Mutual friendship and sympathy spread to the closest relatives of each other, to friends and aspirants.
          During one of the first visits of Naum Yakovlevich to Rostov I couldn't meet him and asked to do it my colleague and friend, also the retired colonel A.M. Driso - and friendship and sympathy were born between them too. A.M. wrote the humorous poem about this visit:

The colonel from Voronezh, the colonel from Odessa
Attesting together and inviorably:
The Jacoues had the super-delicacy
Which one can see only in a fairy tale
(But the speech was about lobsters and self-made half-cognac)

          The wonderful, almost legendary fate of Naum Yakovlevich, his military past caused the deepest respect and special relation, which found its reflection in the following poems:

Books and quotations won't help us
They won't completely justify us
We're eternally to blame to those
Who went through the righteous War.
We see you grey-haired and lived your life
But you still see the fiery dreams
We bow before those who perished
Before those who returned from the War

          During one of the Shatalin conference, on the steamboat, on the route "Rostov-Volgograd-Rostov", the excursion to Mamaev Curgan was certainly organized. Naum Yakovlevich was quiet and reserved, he was deep in his recollections about friends and colleagues, lost there, he isolated himself and went to look for a place where his battery stood.
          On the 10th jubilee of MMOR [July 1979] He recalled the war rarely but it was in his recollections all the time, and it could be guessed in the way how he listened to the traditional night songs of Galua Chernyshova and Al'bina Asnina, which always were the decorations and the extra-stimul for the participating in schools and in seminars since the beginning of seventies.
          And there appeared union of the almost one-name chairs of RSU and VSU with the reports-exchange at seminars, discussing and reviewing students' collaborators works, mutual researches of some problems. This union enriched us mutually. For example, the works on double-sector models of economical development by Naum Yakovlevich and his students caused my interest to the endeavors of analysis of these models from the point of the theory of management. The gained results were comparing with computer experiments of Naum Yakovlevich "diplomers".
          His works on interpretation of Marx's schemes and analysis of the reasons of inflation gave a lot to the forming the "economical world outlook", system of views and approaches, generating the number of models of analysis of economical processes.
          And the works of A.S. Krasnenker on the theory of decision making, which defined a lot in the following development of this very important direction, grew up from the diploma paper, written in the VSU under the supervision of Naum Yakovlevich Krasner.
          The wonderful combination of life and administrative experience with approachability and benevolence helped him not just to supervise the Chair but to bring it up, to form mature and independent scientists from students and aspirants, who paid him back by sincere love - it is enough to watch that anniversary videofilm, that the Chair prepared for his anniversary, and which he managed to see.
          These very qualities determined his work with regional administration and consulting firms foundation. From left to right - S. Zhak, V. Polterovich, N. Krasner [1998] And it is very important, that in this organizational-administrative work he saw an opportunity and a necessity of new mathematical problems forming. One of them became the basis for our work together about internal prices for enterprises, connected organizationally and technologically. This work was developed in two candidate theses (by Turlakova and Muslimova).
          His works on methods of integer decisions of problems of linear programming getting are of great interest. I hope, that his students will continue and end these works.
          I think that we can speak about Krasner school - let it be that there is neither academicians nor great scientists among his students, but there is the whole number of people who became real scientists, pedagogists, educators and real men thanks to him.
          Naum Yakovlevich was extremely bright and noble man, and everybody who was connected with him in one ore other way will lack him very much. And I want to end these article with K. Simonov's poem:

That's untrue that a friend dies
He's just not beside you
He doesn't share the shelter with you any more
He doesn't drink from your flask.
But everything there was between you
and everything that followed you
couldn't fit in the tomb with his remains

His stubbornness, fury, tolerance
That's what you took after him
You've got doubled hearing and sight
With the end of your life
Nobody knows the remedy of unexpected deaths yet
Still heavier the load of inheritance
Still narrower the circle of your friends.

I daresay, it's hard to say better.

Sergei Veniaminovich Zhak
Professor, Dr. of Technical Science,
The Chair of Operational Research
of Rostov State University Chef.

21st of April of 1999

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