After the maintaining of production practice. [February 1997] When a senior year at the University I got acquainted with N.Y. Krasner, it was in 1959. And at once I realized that this meeting would change a lot in my life. Imagine - a student-"soldier" and a colonel of the Military Chair are passionately discussing just published collection of poems of Eluar in military camps near Kursk. He also (Krasner) helped me very much with the exam on military science, when convinced the board of examiners that my abyss of ignorance in types of some "undercalibre" charges was not so disastrous.

The funniest thing happened later: I had already been working as a teacher at the Chair for some years and the student of correspondence course N.Y. Krasner answered me the theory of probability.

The epic of the Chair's organization in 1969 remained in my memory. Krasnoselk'skii had not already been at the University, but S.G.Kreyn was supporting in all possible ways and the Chair was opened "under an assistant professor" - it was also difficult at that time. How friendly and cheerfully we were working! It seemed that everything would be successful despite some separate enemies and small difficulties.

Oskar Gokhman, Issak Russman, Naum Krasner
Only from a distance we can see how accurately and purposive Naum Ykovlevich selected people and directions of works, how he succeeded in finding necessary connections with real scientists. From the beginning of seventies the contacts with the CEMI already appeared. It was the special institute at that time: the Academician Fedorenko as a director and a lot of vice-directors - were all candidate of science. How good people see and find each other - I can tell a lot about the friendship between Naum Ykovlevich and S.S. Shatalin, S.V. Zhak, V.N. Livshic, about our school - conferences, which are still called "Voronezh" by their old residents.

After all, a man is his trace on the Earth, in hearts, in deeds. As long as we remember he is alive.

Isaak Russman
25th of March of 1999.

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