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On the 21st of february of 1999 Naum Y. Krasner was 75.
The Chair of MMOR congratulates Naum Y. Krasner with his jubilee!

Dear Naum Yakovlevich!

Honestly realizing that any jubilee as any high-quality alcoholic product necessarily contains a little bit of bitterness, and the more significant the jubilee is the more bitterness it contains, nevertheless we solemnly announce that:

Our jubilees (and Yours with ours) are the most jubileeous jubilees in the world!

Having seized, as usual, the occasion to gather we, Your followers, friends and colleagues, take the following increased obligations:

  • To put all solemn and boring words about You up in the corner and not to use them in the congratulation. Let's don't spoil the holiday by etiquette.
  • To become historical optimists and to say firmly: "Tomorrow will by better than the day after tomorrow!"
  • To introduce the following new special courses in the Chair's program:
    • "Women's logic" - after all "Mathematical logic" is studied only one term, while the whole life may not be enough for learning the women's one;
    • "A Chaos in dynamics " - the most important course in our country, where it has been already understood, that confusion is a hidden (from those from whom it is necessary to be hidden) order;
    • "Medical history" - after all in an ill society any history is a history of an illness.
  • To determine at last the Chair's angle of vision and to stop broadening it - after all the more it is the obtuser it is.
We Love You! [author: Roman Boldyrev]
  • To save and increase male total number of the Chair under the punctual look of the females.
  • To celebrate N.Y. Krasner's jubilee with all the staff of the Chair and under the motto "The more us the fewer them".
  • To begin to form groups of specialization at the Chair in the 21st century only from children and grandchildren of the members of the staff.
  • In the sphere of methodology: to do the day after tomorrow the things that need to be done today, thus gaining 2 free days. This turned out to be the most optimal.
  • To stand up together and to say loudly and clearly that we have been saying for 30 years addressing Naum Yakovlevich:

"We Love You!"

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